Samantha David is a freelance journalist and writes for various publications including BBC Online, the Sunday Times, the FT, Living France, everything France, and France Magazine

Samantha David, writer

I Married a Pirate - critics reviews

"A rip-roaring ride.  Huge fun and a really interesting new voice."  - Katie

"A swashbuckling lesson to us all! Samantha David got me hook, line and
sinker!"  - (Guardian Abroad)

"Pure joy - this unlikely romance between the phlegmatic Camilla and her atypical pirate lover sizzles from start to finish!" - Trisha Ashley

"An excellent read - I have to admit I couldn't put it down. Many books pass over my desk for review but I heartily recommend you get a copy of this to take away with you on holiday and join the 'swashbuckling' world of Samantha David." -

 "Written by one of our contributors... this is romantic comedy in brash,
politacally incorrect and very funny fine form." - Destination France

"Brilliant!  Hysterically funny!  I haven't enjoyed a book so much in many a year.  It deserves to get into the best seller list!" - The Bookworm